The human species, they will survive and will eternally live

What causal sense is part of
experience which awakens the human
interest (and) whether visible or
invisible becomes the
target of our inquiry?
For this reason the universe
occupies my thoughtsand I
recognize a commonality
(of thought)!

At the beginning of the 21st century,
the universe will open up possibilies
to mankind that can only be
speculated upon;
arid in and cut of the depth of
this reogniticn we will developement
a new consciousness for the fuure bit
also the current and the past
temporal epochs, will their culture,
religion and politic will
be evaluated a new,
because nothing is closer
to the truth than the proportions
and conception of absolute time!

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

We don't know what the future will bring. Get ready, it's time for the great moment. Let me know it!

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