The human species, they will survive and will eternally live

Encouter with a traveler:

A traveler following his path
will linger just briefly here and there.
When pausing to rest his mind and soul
he realizes many a step must be made
to bring him closer to his eternal goal.
And so he sets forth to continue his journey.
Life's path now becomes comprehensible
and his traces, now visible, may be read, but then
eternity's breath, after a little while,
will scatter them again.


Many a man has asked himself:
who was, who am I - where do I stand, where will I go?
The question lights up his sleepless nights
seeking to unknot life's secret plot.
Who knows not the endless dark hours in which
the truth is shattered by the truth to bits
and the power of reason suddenly
questions itself suspiciously.

But surely, this cannot be the answer -
why else would we turn to history
with the little and great events that branded
the human conscience with their flame.
Did we spy reason behind all these masks
or was it not vanity's and madness' game?

Gabriel Michael Triebstein

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

We don't know what the future will bring. Get ready, it's time for the great moment. Let me know it!

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