The human species, they will survive and will eternally live

Children's eyes - children's mouths

Man searches through all the heights and depths of this Earth and no matter how difficult the terrain might be no privation or hardship turns him back; is it the unknown that becomes the known, the desired goal? Sometime and somewhere we will realise this - or perhaps not. Upon my journey I once came upon a road with a beautiful vista that led up to a mountain peak. This road I followed and at the summit I reached a observation platform from which one had an all encompassing view. There were two benches upon which to linger. On one of these benches sat an elderly man and on the other sat two children who were looking through binoculars at the town below and scanning the horizon. I sat down and took in the view of the small town which in the glow of the rising sun became like a painting that awakened a very reflective mood. It is in such places that Man feels how free his soul can be when the hectic and pressure of daily life is forgotten for a short time. To my right, on the same bench, sat the elderly man, staring into the distance with a small smile on his face; the two children, on the neighbouring bench, held the binoculars before their eyes with one hand and pointed with their index fingers at something they saw in the distance, talking to each other at the same time.

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

My eyes followed the direction of their binoculars, which were pointed towards the distant horizon, but I could not see anything that might have captured the interest of the children. Perhaps it was an aeroplane that flew by in the distance.

The time spent upon this mountain peak was worth the strenuous climb and I wished to preserve the thought of visiting such places in the future should the opportunity arise. Lost deep in my thoughts, I don't know how much time had passed when I became aware of the voice of the elderly man sitting next to me saying: "Hello children, what is it you see that I cannot see?" Spontaneously I looked in the direction of the children. The children lowered their binoculars from their eyes and turned their faces in our direction. And the elderly man next to me spoke to them: "Certainly you see something that I cannot see, either while I no longer can see things as a child's eyes sees them or what you see is too distant for my eyes." The children looked at each other and whispered together, then they came over to us.

"It's like this," began one of the two children, "we often come to this place because it's not very far from where we live and sometimes on the weekends our parents come with us too and they gave us the binoculars so that we could observe everything from up here." "For example, when we look down on the town lying below we see everything quite sharp and clear but when we turn our binoculars to the horizon we see very remarkable things." And the second child nodded his head and said, "Surely we see some sort of mirage, because we see two rotating spheres that revolve in an orbit an equal distance across from each other. Through our binoculars first we'll see one very close and then further away. The one sphere looks like the globe on our father's writing desk and the other, it looks like a glass sphere that is filled with white smoke."

"And is there something else to see?" the elderly man next to me asked the two children with a friendly smile. They looked at each other somewhat uncertainly, nodded and rather hesitantly continued their story. "When the small globe next appeared in our binoculars we saw miniature people who floated from the globe to the smoky glass sphere and there turned into smoke, uniting with the large glass sphere." "But we also noticed that not all of the miniature people turned into smoke, some of them smashed against the glass sphere as if they had walked into an invisible glass wall." "When the globe moved away from us and the glass sphere came closer we saw that these people differed in the way they were dressed from the others. First we didn't know what people here on Earth were dressed in this manner, but we looked in our schoolbooks and in books about different religions and cultures and discovered that they were the priests and monks of all the religions and cultures. We were really curious as to what would happen next, which is why when the weather was clear we observed further." "The people that smashed into the glass sphere gathered into small and large groups and were busy discussing with each other. One group stood out from all the others and this was the group of priests and monks from the different cultures and religions."

"And why did this particular group stand out more than all of the others?" This question to the children came from me, because their story had aroused my curiosity. The children laughed suddenly and said, "Some of these people tried to get rid of their clothes in an effort to enter the sphere, but that this did not solve the problem and they had no success. We saw the sadness reflected upon their faces and how they talked to each other, but none of them was able to enter the glass sphere. And today we have seen something we do not understand at all and that is why we were discussing so loudly, so that you would notice us and ask what we had seen." The elderly man next to me nodded to the children. "Today we saw that a few priests and monks of the different cultures and religions conversed with each other and then suddenly they hugged each other and exchanged their clothes. They tried again to enter the glass sphere and this time floated in without any problem!" The children stood with questioning faces before us and the old man rose and stroked their heads with his hands and said, "What you have seen is the experience that behind these people's obvious problem the was a hidden solution to be found." And to me he skilfully continued, "It is a very beautiful day today, one that has brought me much pleasure and I hope that it has done the same for you!"

And with these word he walked away.


We don't know what the future will bring. Get ready, it's time for the great moment. Let me know it!

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