The human species, they will survive and will eternally live

The theory resulting from my conclusions pertaining to past life, the present and the future!

1. We are becoming increasingly aware of the understanding of our current place in the age of man, the closer we get to the truth and when we are faced by it! We should remember how the first visionaries who wanted to fly were treated with a lack of understanding and ridicule by the people around them!
We human beings have develloped an understanding of time for our universw;
if we now look at the development of life and that of the human beings on thisplanet E until this moment in time under the aspect of this understanding of time and then categorise this, then we must now be in the initial stage of development; putting this in illustrative terms, we would now be in a stage of development which attempts to take the first step in the cosmos although the umbilical chord is still connected. The dimensional that has appeared makes it clear that a turning point in the history of time is underway.

2. The universe is everywhere and also within us; and as the universe expands, I see the development of life on our planets and in the whole cosmos on the basis of the expansion theory! The intellectual vision will also slowly but surely increasingly dimensioned.

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

The birth of a new era was initiated with the first flight of the cosmonaut (Juri Gagarin) to the universe. This new era (I would like to call it the cosmic era) will start with the parturition, and it will be the day on which human beings staying outside our earth to explore our planet system can secure their own needs and further development at that end and can therefore exist without depending on the earth.

As regards research:

Logic and the consideration of space travel yield the conclusion that genetic research is an indispensable necessity for humanity, space travel and the future.

Gabriel Michael Triebstein

We don't know what the future will bring. Get ready, it's time for the great moment. Let me know it!

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