The human species, they will survive and will eternally live

I see philosophy as being an experimental field of intellectual discussions, after all it is a well known fact that knowledge and progress only result from experimenting.

I would like to present a simple example of an intellectual discussion:

When I was a child, I was told the story of the Creation from the bible, including the demand: "subdue the earth."

The ultimate interpretation of this demand is the objective of also being independent from this earth.
- On the basis of modern scientific knowledge, this demand - subdue the earth - is rendered easy to understand; after all, we are aware that the existence of mankind can be terminated all at once.
No-one knows when the earth will be hit by (a so-called) stroke of fate, resulting in humans suffering the same fate as the dinosaurs. The responsibility towards the descendants make it necessary to continue with life.

My personal understanding as an answer to the question:

Where do I come from and where am I going to!

I am convinced that an event occurred upon the creation of the apes by the evolution, their genes being comparable with ours to an extent of up to 96%, which can be expressed with the following theory:

"A number of apes were subjected to radiation during a certain period in early times which triggered a genetic change, humans only developing from these radiated!"

Each one of you should decide for yourself whether this process results from a divine will, cosmic radiation, both of these together or extraterrestrial intelligence.

I would like to conclude a metaphysical doctrine to the beginning 21 of the century, which makes the "immortality" of the Homosapiens understandable in itself: "the universe is not a temptation for the human being, it is his destiny ."

Gabriel Michael Triebstein

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

We don't know what the future will bring. Get ready, it's time for the great moment. Let me know it!

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