The human species, they will survive and will eternally live

I float trought the universe and see our solar system as a big organism in which the earth appears as an ovum out of which the cosmic man appears in the next century

The why and wherefore is made comprehensible by logic. How is cause and effect otherwise to be classified? If we comprehend the origin of the universe and its galaxies, then this comprehension must also recognize that the chance of developing life forms in all directions of the universe was accelerated. From this perspective it is logical and relevant to think that we as humans are not the only life forms in the universe!
And in the continuation of this thought the probability opens up that intelligent life forms exist at many developmental levels, whereby it is thoroughly probable that there are also intelligent life forms at a much higher developmental level!

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

Michael Gabriel Triebstein

We don't know what the future will bring. Get ready, it's time for the great moment. Let me know it!

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